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Welcome to the Business Forum Group brand identity guidelines. This document gives you everything you need to bring our brand to life. Use it for guidance and inspiration whenever creating brand expressions for all Business Forum Group brands.

Let’s move the minds and hearts of business leaders.

We move the minds

Our Brand

Who we are

Business Forum Group creates phenomenal learning experiences for business leaders to get inspiring ideas, knowledge and networks.

  • Vision

    North star moments
    for business leaders
    worldwide by 2030

  • Style


  • Values

    Entrepreneurial mindset

Our symbol

Symbol & logo


Our symbol takes inspiration from Polaris – the northern pole star – an excellent fixed point from which to draw measurements for navigation. This symbol captures the north star moments we deliver. It represents our vision and expresses our shared ambition.

The north star is what keeps all our actions, expressions and brands aligned towards a shared goal. This guide will teach you the dos and don t's about how to properly use our visual identity in your work. Here you will find the definitions for the fonts, colours and tone of voice to be used in brand communication.

You can download all our logos here

Logo usage 3
Logo usage horizontal

Symbol & logo


Our wordmark is set in Gotham bold. The wordmark should always be used as an image/graphic element, not as written text to avoid any editing of leading, kerning or letterspacing. The word mark is not to be used on its own (without the symbol).


Symbol & logo

Our logo

Our logo is the combination of our written name (wordmark) and our symbol (the north star). Our symbol can, on special occasions work on its own. It works best on its own when appearing in a context provided by Business Forum Group or one of its events. Good examples of expressions where the symbol can work are on the stage of an event or in social media posts.

Group logos

Symbol & logo


The Business Forum Group consists of many brands, all following one and the same layout. This approach enables our group to keep growing and thus reach new markets.

Group 117

All logos with the north star in colour should only be used by external partners. All brand expressions produced by Nordic Business Group should use the black or white logo version.




Our events aim to be mind-moving and impactful. This requires our brand to be colourful and exciting. Our dark blue brand colour draws inspiration from the excitement present at our events.

Every event chooses one assigned accent colour to express novelty and to guarantee recognition throughout all marketing communication efforts. All current and coming colours should be paired with the dark blue background representing the northern skies against which the northern star can shine.


Brand colours

  • Dark Blue

    CMYK 100 95 50 70
    RGB 0 9 42
    HEX #00092A

  • Light Blue

    CMYK 100 90 35 35
    RGB 0 19 88
    HEX #001358


Accent colours

  • Pink

    CMYK 0 100 0 0
    RGB 230 0 126
    HEX #e6007e

  • Yellow

    CMYK 8 15 95 0
    RGB 244 208 0
    HEX #f4d000

  • Orange

    CMYK 4 60 100 0
    RGB 235 128 35
    HEX #eb8023



Our typography is a visual representation of our voice. We want our voice to be timeless, sophisticated and clear. The voice of a visionary leader.




Our brand font is Inter – a variable font family carefully crafted & designed for computer screens – designed by Rasmus Andersson. Inter can be both discreet and loud at the same time. This font takes the backseat for the message it helps deliver – just like Business Forum Group enables great leaders to inspire global audiences.

Inter comes in many cuts. Feel free to use all cuts available, but always aim to produce clear and professional impressions.

Inter is free and thus available for anyone looking to create expressions for Business Forum Group.

You can download the font here 



As each event we deliver should feel inspiring, surprising and playful we hope that our identity encourages creative interpretation. 

Typography 2
NBFG expressions posters



Our graphic system has been created to stretch and evolve for multiple use cases. At one end of the spectrum, we can be very refined and exclusive while saving more wild expressions for audiovisual outputs such as films and events.

NBFG expressions overview



With all our expressions we aim for impact. This will require keeping things simple and clear. Relying on short key messages paired with powerful colours or images. Let’s remember, we aim to inspire and surprise and should therefore avoid being too informative or formal. Parts of the brand identity are set in stone while others dare you to create novel expressions.

NBFG expressions